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Blacksburg, Virginia, Orbs UFO Sighting - 6:47 pm 11/06/2022 bright orb that fell downward until it just disappeared....

Lucerne Valley, California, Orbs UFO Sighting - I was walking outside and saw 2 big bright orange orbs, but huge just floating hovering up and down. I'm off of Santa Fee Rd and the we're east about ...

Salina, Kansas, Orbs UFO Sighting - Driving through and past Salina at night saw an orb appear in the sky with a tail and disappeared downward as fast as it appeared....

Elko, Nevada, Orbs UFO Sighting - So tonight my wife and I saw more of the unidentified objects in the sky. Originally we thought they were spherical in shape but after these pictures ...
08/25-2022 - 2 comments

Elko, Nevada, Orbs UFO Sighting - My husband and I were out on our balcony between 10pm and 2am so we can share a cigarette and look at the stars. Thatís when we noticed about 16 orb g...
08/24-2022 - 1 comment

Cheboygan, Michigan, Orbs UFO Sighting - I had gone out to get something out of my car and had heard a seagull to the south of my house. When I looked up did not see the seagull but instead I...

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