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Pulsating Light UFO Sightings

Bushnell, Florida, Pulsating Light UFO Sighting - I was outside walking my dog when my dog started barking frantically. Some near by animals in my neighborhood also started making noise around this ti...

Plano, Texas, Pulsating Light UFO Sighting - I lived in Plano 20 years ago. One night I was out for a walk in the neighborhood when I saw a light in the sky. It was really big but not very bright...

Alexandria, Virginia, Pulsating Light UFO Sighting - Not trying to scare anyone but I think I saw a UFO last night. I was walking the dog when I noticed the ground was illuminated from above by a pulsati...

Tacoma, Washington, Pulsating Light UFO Sighting - 5 lights in the sky last night. Anyone else see it? There were 5 lights moving in a row from south to north. They each pulsated between bright and dim...
04/06-2014 - 1 comment

Saint Louis, Missouri, Pulsating Light UFO Sighting - This happened in 2008 one night when I was out in the yard smoking a cigarette. I looked up at the stars and saw a light that was brighter than any st...
02/17-2014 - 2 comments

Newport, RhodeIsland, Pulsating Light UFO Sighting - A friend of mine has a place in Newport and I went to visit him this summer. We were out side that night having a barbeque and we saw a light in the s...

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