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Curtis, Michigan, Sounds UFO Sighting - My family owns a cabin on North Lake in Glennie. About 4 years ago my best friend and I were swimming far out in the lake on a cloudy day. When we sta...

Holland, Texas, Sounds UFO Sighting - This submission is about a sound I heard near Holland, Texas, whose source I have not been able to determine.

In 1977 I was traveling back from...

Fort Stewart, Georgia, Sounds UFO Sighting - Several of us were deer hunting at Ft Stewart. We were also camping at the army camp ground. Realized I got up about 3 am to go to the bathroom. Befor...

Melbourne, Florida, Sounds UFO Sighting - I have been hearing extremely loud '' boom'' sounds that almost sound the sonic boom when a space craft lands in Port Canaveral but add we know, known...

Marble Hill, Missouri, Sounds UFO Sighting - While placing my two-yr-old son down for a nap one afternoon I heard a loud humming noise over my home. We were sleeping in a back bedroom when we wer...

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