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Craft - Chapmanville, West Virginia
Was working the coal load out facility at Big Creek WV. I just glanced up and was looking towards the west and their was a true alien craft right in f...
( 03/30-2023 )

Lights - Bowie, Maryland
Looking up towards northeast sky I saw 8-10 lights flying in a synchronized line formation. The lights/objects appeared to be uniform in size and lo...
( 03/26-2023 ) - 1 comment

Lights - Modesto, California
We were off of Sylvan and Coffee Rd. I saw maybe 6 to 8 lights appear and streak across the sky very quickly. Not sure if it was a meteor The ISS or S...
( 03/18-2023 )

Object - Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Arriving home one night, I saw a fast moving bright white object which looked like a star moving from the south to north-northeast direction from my d...
( 03/17-2023 )

Lights - Humboldt, Illinois
My friend up on Humboldt took this picture the other night. He said he couldn't hear a thing. It hovered above him so to speak....
( 03/17-2023 )

Lights - Muldraugh, Kentucky
I was coming off the exit from Louisville onto the New Joe Prather Hwy leading to Muldraugh. It had just turned dark when three giant lights descended...
( 03/17-2023 )

Oval Object - Holly Springs, Mississippi
My dad was an avid hunter. Whenever he came back home from hunting he liked to tell all the hunting stories - sometimes epic stories for while waiting...
( 03/14-2023 )

Unspecified - Claremont, California
UFO sighted south western sky off Foothill BLVD....
( 03/03-2023 ) - 1 comment

Lights - La Habra, California
Last night at 7pm. Two lighted objects hovering in the night sky. Reports claim it was Venus and Jupiter but the lights kept changing form and formed ...
( 03/02-2023 )

Unspecified - Duluth, Georgia
Around 12ish overnight, I took my 2 dogs out for their walk, I noticed a object going back and fourth with different kinda lights flashing only noise ...
( 03/02-2023 )

Lights - Bartlesville, Oklahoma
8:09 to 8:35 PM. MARCH 1 2023 I witnessed two lights one to the north and the other to the south. They were hovering approximately 15 miles west of Ba...
( 03/02-2023 )

Oblong Object - Mount Hermon, Louisiana
There were two in the field by the house. One was Oblong and the other one was round the size of a car....
( 03/02-2023 )

Cigar Shaped Object - Kirbyville, Missouri
Saw bright shiny cigar shape object moving very fast no noise traveling from east to west across Hwy J. Driving could not get a picture. Was also witn...
( 02/28-2023 )

Cigar Shaped Object - Stafford Springs, Connecticut
Took my dog for a walk notice dog looking up seeing UFO look like a cigar shape 2 seconds later two jets went by chasing it then two more went opposit...
( 02/28-2023 )

Triangular Object - Wilmington, Delaware
I was alone and driving south on I-95 going towards 1. I was on my way towards the city when I first noticed two perfectly spaced apart lights that we...
( 02/25-2023 )

Lights - Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
I saw something I can't even explain it was a group of lights about 20 of them that were flickering in the sky like right above town hovering then sud...
( 02/21-2023 )

Lights - Talmage, California
I've seen on multiple occasions anywhere between 1 and 3 lights moving sporadically east of Talmage above the cow mountain area....
( 02/21-2023 )

Saucer Shaped Object - Hardwick, Massachusetts
I was in the passenger seat of my friend's vehicle one weekend recently when we were heading home from the store to the Hardwick area from Ware, MA. N...
( 02/17-2023 )

Unspecified - Milpitas, California
Around 1 a.m. I was watching TV with my aunt at the Element hotel in Milpitas, CA when a fast low flying UFO flashed by our window. At the same time i...
( 02/17-2023 )

Lights - Eagle Rock, Virginia
I was traveling on 220 just before the elementary school just before dusk late November 2022. I have traveled this road for approximately 12 years, an...
( 02/14-2023 ) - 1 comment

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