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Lights - Jena, Louisiana
Has anyone dealt with cat like beings? I am a skeptic on mystic beliefs and external terrestrial, but I can't explain what's been going on around my h...
( 11/24-2022 )

Round Object - Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
Was coming out of goodwill looking for an ugly Christmas sweater for pictures and I was getting into the passenger side of my wife’s car facing south ...
( 11/21-2022 )

Lights - Captiva, Florida
My family was vacationing at at resort at the very end of captivate, called the Plantation.
We had rented the very last condo on the island. There ...
( 11/20-2022 )

Disc - Mountain Top, Pennsylvania
A friend and I pulled into the Chevron station at the corner of 309 and Kirby Ave about 7-8pm. What appeared to be a large flying disc hovered above ...
( 11/20-2022 )

Disc - Silverpeak, Nevada
On a plane from NY to CA and flying over Silverpeak Nevada (according to the location on the photo) I saw a some kind of aircraft shaped like a disc w...
( 11/15-2022 )

Object - Henniker, New Hampshire
Nine objects watched for 20 to 30 minutes by a number of students at New England College from Bridge over Contoocook River near Henniker Town Square. ...
( 11/13-2022 )

Triangular Object - Mandeville, Louisiana
Three round circles in a perfect triangle pattern flew over me roughly 200 ft in the air. They made no sound....
( 11/09-2022 )

Object - Newark, Arkansas
3 of us saw 2 separate objects as tall as a water tower floating across a field. This was not a cell phone tower or an electric company pole. This had...
( 11/07-2022 )

Long Object - Potomac, Maryland
Huge light in sky. Not shooting star or fireworks. The light was long and was green and gold. Shortly after seeing this light there were 3-4 military ...
( 11/07-2022 )

Orbs - Blacksburg, Virginia
6:47 pm 11/06/2022 bright orb that fell downward until it just disappeared....
( 11/07-2022 )

Lights - Lake of the Woods, Virginia
Watching the sky and noticed orbs that didn't seem to be stars. These orbs also flashed different colors as well as appearing to be 2 gold glowing orb...
( 11/01-2022 )

Object - Weedsport, New York
Of course no picture. By the time I turned off the road and turned again to get to where I was I looking couldn't need anything in the sky. I still do...
( 10/29-2022 )

Vessel - Lowell, Michigan
At about 3:30 in the afternoon I drove down Finn Ave NE in Lowell and watched a spaceship that was sitting on the ground in plain sight in a cornfield...
( 10/29-2022 )

Orbs - Lucerne Valley, California
I was walking outside and saw 2 big bright orange orbs, but huge just floating hovering up and down. I'm off of Santa Fee Rd and the we're east about ...
( 10/26-2022 )

Object - San Geronimo, California
One early eve I was under some tall trees and happened to look up into a gap between them I and saw a large bronze colored object with small round lig...
( 10/25-2022 )

Object - Mccall, Idaho
I was outside at 12:11 AM on October 23 taking down a trail camera I put up in my own backyard in McCall, ID and saw an orange, glowing object high up...
( 10/24-2022 )

Lights - Atascadero, California
A bright light I mean very bright appeared for a second then zipped across the sky it only lasted about 3 seconds. I have never seen anything that bri...
( 10/22-2022 )

Unspecified - Mariposa, California
I was told they were taking my family from me 2 years ago by someone or something. I watched my wife being possessed for 2 years. I came home 5 months...
( 10/22-2022 )

Object - Fair Haven, New Jersey
My first experience was over Navesink River. My parents were driving over the bridge, and I looked up and saw an object high up going downward with a ...
( 10/19-2022 )

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