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Lights - Punta Gorda, Florida
While driving on I75 with my husband driving, my adult son in backseat and I was in the passenger seat. Happened around 2:20 am we were headed to cape...
( 02/29-2024 )

Lights - Middleburg, Virginia
I was coming home late from work just as it was getting dark when I looked off to my right as if watching the sunset only to be drawn to very visible ...
( 02/12-2024 )

Disc - Kinston, North Carolina
Disc in the fog this morning near albrittons crossroads and 258 south about 6:15....
( 02/08-2024 )

Triangular Object - Germantown, Wisconsin
I was deer hunting on private property and it was a clear, sunny afternoon. I noticed a small, black dot in the sky moving very fast. I took my binocu...
( 02/03-2024 )

Lights - Ogden, Utah
I travel to work between 4 and 4:20 in the morning. For the past couple of months I have been seeing very strange lights in the sky over the Ogden Can...
( 02/01-2024 )

Lights - Radcliff, Kentucky
Driving home, dark out, coming off the highway exit to the new Pritchard Highway by Ft Knox.
Looking up saw three huge brilliant lights coming towa...
( 01/31-2024 )

Abduction - Meleti, Lithuania
Not far from the town of Meleti north of Vilnius. It was a clear evening around 7 - 8 p.m. A group of us enjoyed a fire and traditional Lithuanian BBQ...
( 01/30-2024 )

Triangular Object - Belle Plaine, Kansas
I was taking out the trash at night when I looked up to see the early fireworks go off. All of a sudden I noticed a triangle shape. At first I thought...
( 01/19-2024 )

Triangular Object - Belle Plaine, Kansas
I was looking up at the stars and trying to make out constellations I made out in the pitch-black sky a perfect triangle as I was staring up at the tr...
( 01/19-2024 )

Unspecified - Marion, North Carolina
An unknown thing in the sky was there for 10seconds then disappeared I didn't see it my family member saw it it was weird....
( 01/13-2024 )

Triangular Object - Houston, Texas
Saw a triangle craft about 2 to 3 football fields wide flying about 1000 feet in the air going slow with no noise had lights that blended into the nig...
( 01/11-2024 )

Lights - Midway, North Carolina
I saw them standing outside of my house in the front yard. One appeared then four more came out right behind the first one....
( 01/10-2024 )

Lights - Mountain Home A F B, Idaho
I was on tour with a band, having just departed from Boise after playing a live music performance the evening of October 6, 2004. It was late at night...
( 01/03-2024 )

Object - Wilmington, Delaware
I cannot believe the previous post on here as I saw something remarkably similar this year! While driving home to Wilmington from New Castle one eveni...
( 12/15-2023 )

Saucer Shaped Object - Lowell, Michigan
Driving east on I-96 yesterday night at about 9:30pm (Friday Dec 8), spotted saucer coming down and then hovering on north side of highway just before...
( 12/09-2023 )

Large Object - Negaunee, Michigan
It was in the winter and after walking up a hill to see if anyone was at the ice rink I looked up in the sky and saw a very large object in the sky, n...
( 11/29-2023 )

Round Object - Ware, Massachusetts
It was 1981 and I was twelve. My best friend and I were in my motherís car and we were on Chestnut Street in Ware Massachusetts. It was a warm summer ...
( 11/28-2023 )

Triangular Object - La Habra, California
I saw a U.F.O. Shaped like a triangular object with three white lights shaped like a triangle it made no noise. I was driving south on harbor Boulevar...
( 11/26-2023 )

Vapor Trail - South Portland, Maine
7:59pm; Took a picture of a great sunset. Later zoomed on image and spotted unidentified object having a small V trail.
Have spent 6000 hours flyi...
( 11/20-2023 )

Lights - Harford County, Maryland
I was driving with my 16-year-old son heading east bound on MD Route 23. It was roughly 5:30 p.m. in the Jarrettsville, MD area. I saw what I thought ...
( 11/13-2023 )

Lights - Van Wert, Ohio
At least a dozen UFOs (faint lights) went north over Van Wert and fast, at about 8:45pm on Nov 10th 2023...
( 11/10-2023 )

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