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Orbs - Jordan, Minnesota
As I was pumping gas I looked up at the sky. It was around 11 am. I noticed what I though was a group of white birds assuming they were seagulls until...
( 06/04-2024 )

Missing Time Event - Bluffton, Ohio
The whole story sounds so crazy, so here is a condensed version. I was driving northbound on 75 and stopped at Taco Bell and Wendy's on Commerce Drive...
( 04/19-2024 )

Lights - Cadiz, Kentucky
Every night for the last year or so my husband and I have noticed what looks like stars at first, but these lights are different. They flash different...
( 04/13-2024 )

Ball Of Light - Tremonton, Utah
It was around 2 am and I was driving from Ogden to Tremonton on the I 15 highway. To my right were the mountains. I saw a good sized lime green ball o...
( 04/10-2024 )

Unspecified - Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
I saw a UFO zoom in and hover over the water tower. It was hovering out there for a minute or two and then zoomed away real quickly. I was in my bunk ...
( 04/04-2024 )

Lights - Gibsonville, North Carolina
On the evening of March 31rst 2024 I saw one single orange, reddish light flying at a higher rate of speed then a typical small passenger air plane. S...
( 04/02-2024 )

Circular Object - Sturgis, Michigan
I remember me and my mom were driving through town to my nanas house. We were on 12 and we had just passed the stoplight that goes to Coldwater and Br...
( 03/26-2024 )

Disc - Maggie Valley, North Carolina
I saw a disc hovering above the tree tops as I drove through Maggie Valley on the main drag. I pulled over and watched it just being still with no exh...
( 03/16-2024 )

Saucer Shaped Object - Tillamook, Oregon
I didn't witness this personally. It was all anyone could talk about at my high school for days. Story goes as follows: sometime around 6 am in early ...
( 03/14-2024 )

Oblong Object - Reasner, Iowa
In the summer of 1972 when I was 11, I spent many weekends at my best friend's sister's farm. Sometimes we would tag along with his brother-in-law whe...
( 03/06-2024 )

Circular Object - Duncan, Oklahoma
I pulled into my driveway from the city and saw it hovering over my neighborhood and it zoomed off a circluar object....
( 03/06-2024 )

Lights - Punta Gorda, Florida
While driving on I75 with my husband driving, my adult son in backseat and I was in the passenger seat. Happened around 2:20 am we were headed to cape...
( 02/29-2024 )

Lights - Middleburg, Virginia
I was coming home late from work just as it was getting dark when I looked off to my right as if watching the sunset only to be drawn to very visible ...
( 02/12-2024 )

Disc - Kinston, North Carolina
Disc in the fog this morning near albrittons crossroads and 258 south about 6:15....
( 02/08-2024 )

Triangular Object - Germantown, Wisconsin
I was deer hunting on private property and it was a clear, sunny afternoon. I noticed a small, black dot in the sky moving very fast. I took my binocu...
( 02/03-2024 )

Lights - Ogden, Utah
I travel to work between 4 and 4:20 in the morning. For the past couple of months I have been seeing very strange lights in the sky over the Ogden Can...
( 02/01-2024 )

Lights - Radcliff, Kentucky
Driving home, dark out, coming off the highway exit to the new Pritchard Highway by Ft Knox.
Looking up saw three huge brilliant lights coming towa...
( 01/31-2024 )

Abduction - Meleti, Lithuania
Not far from the town of Meleti north of Vilnius. It was a clear evening around 7 - 8 p.m. A group of us enjoyed a fire and traditional Lithuanian BBQ...
( 01/30-2024 )

Triangular Object - Belle Plaine, Kansas
I was taking out the trash at night when I looked up to see the early fireworks go off. All of a sudden I noticed a triangle shape. At first I thought...
( 01/19-2024 )

Triangular Object - Belle Plaine, Kansas
I was looking up at the stars and trying to make out constellations I made out in the pitch-black sky a perfect triangle as I was staring up at the tr...
( 01/19-2024 )

Unspecified - Marion, North Carolina
An unknown thing in the sky was there for 10seconds then disappeared I didn't see it my family member saw it it was weird....
( 01/13-2024 )

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