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Unspecified - Soddy Daisy, Tennessee
What is this? Soddy Daisy TN....
( 09/25-2023 )

Row Of Lights - Hayward, California
Was walking out of my aunt's house and looked up by chance and saw a straight line of ''stars'' they began to fade away after about 30 seconds and wer...
( 09/18-2023 )

Box Shaped Object - Houma, Louisiana
My brother and I were standing n the back yard.. Something above us and in front of us folded up like a box then it was gone.. We both saw it.. Have o...
( 09/11-2023 )

Unspecified - Halifax, Virginia
I live in Halifax VA & have a police scanner & a UFO was spotted last night September 7, 23 & this morning another sighting happened on Chatham Road &...
( 09/09-2023 )

Craft - Austin, Texas
In 2009 I was driving on 195 at dusk into Florence from Austin. In the field on the right just before the gas station with the cafe, there were bright...
( 09/07-2023 ) - 1 comment

Craft - North Smithfield, Rhode Island
I was driving north on Grange road. When I came upon the football field on the left a craft was very slowly flying over a small patch of trees. I imme...
( 09/05-2023 )

Row Of Lights - Williamstown, Massachusetts
Around 9:00 pm-9:20 pm a line of white lights about 20 or more heading north to south appeared and were in a straight line. As the reached a certain p...
( 09/05-2023 )

Row Of Lights - Mooresboro, North Carolina
Row Of Lights...
( 09/03-2023 )

Craft - Hayward, California
My mother, younger sister, and myself ( ages 9 and 12) were coming home from a night at the Holiday Bowl in Hayward, CA. As we drove down Mission Boul...
( 08/31-2023 )

Row Of Lights - Readfield, Maine
Saw ten individual lights form a diagonal line across the big dipper. Then one by one from the bottom up they disappeared. This covered a large area o...
( 08/31-2023 )

Unspecified - Bodega Bay, California
UFO video on:
( 08/27-2023 )

Row Of Lights - Wentzville, Missouri
Friday evening about 8:30 to 9:30 pm don't know specific time there was about 8 to 10 light dashes if you will looks just like this _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ...
( 08/21-2023 )

Row Of Lights - Sapulpa, Oklahoma
I saw a long line of lights flying really fast across the sky then they all disappeared at once I live in the country of Sapulpa it scared me....
( 08/17-2023 )

Row Of Lights - Jesup, Iowa
There were a bunch of lights flying west to east in a straight line. You could see like a galaxy in the sky. When they got to the galaxy they just dis...
( 08/16-2023 )

Cigar Shaped Object - Bayport, New York
There was a report in the Suffolk county news of a sighting in Bayport about 60 years ago. My sister. Friend and I were walking to a neighbor's house ...
( 08/13-2023 )

Unspecified - Allenwood, Pennsylvania
Investigate Geisinger hospital. You won't be disappointed....
( 08/13-2023 )

Round Object - Kenner, Louisiana
April 2012 10:30 am a storm is moving in over Kenner Louisiana as was looking west in the sky. Behind the Hilton we saw a round looking UFO it was sil...
( 08/13-2023 )

Row Of Lights - Alva, Oklahoma
There were approximately 15 white dots in a straight line high up in the sky. The dots were completely stationary and didn't move for about 30 seconds...
( 08/13-2023 )

Spherical Object - Temple, Georgia
Around 3 am I was walking my dog in the yard before bed. Saw a dim flash of blue light from above. When I looked up I saw a spherical light much large...
( 08/13-2023 )

Row Of Lights - York, Pennsylvania
10:12 pm I saw a series of 6-8 medium-bright circular lights in a perfect line move slow to moderate speed NE in the sky. It was very long the size of...
( 08/13-2023 )

Row Of Lights - Hampton Bays, New York
Looked like little balls traveling together in form of what looked like a flute then broke apart....
( 08/13-2023 )

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