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Row Of Lights - Alva, Oklahoma
There were approximately 15 white dots in a straight line high up in the sky. The dots were completely stationary and didn't move for about 30 seconds...
( 08/13-2023 )

Spherical Object - Temple, Georgia
Around 3 am I was walking my dog in the yard before bed. Saw a dim flash of blue light from above. When I looked up I saw a spherical light much large...
( 08/13-2023 )

Row Of Lights - York, Pennsylvania
10:12 pm I saw a series of 6-8 medium-bright circular lights in a perfect line move slow to moderate speed NE in the sky. It was very long the size of...
( 08/13-2023 )

Row Of Lights - Hampton Bays, New York
Looked like little balls traveling together in form of what looked like a flute then broke apart....
( 08/13-2023 )

Row Of Lights - Spring Hill, Florida
Multiple orbs flying in a straight line towards east. Unfortunately the camera was not able to pick up the lights....
( 08/12-2023 ) - 1 comment

Row Of Lights - Oakland Park, Florida
My friend and I were in the pool when we saw at least 18 lights in the sky in a moving line. They almost looked like very low stars. They all moved qu...
( 08/12-2023 )

Lights - Homosassa, Florida
Huge block with misc lights of different sizes and brightnesses cruising diagonally and sideways. I'm talking aircraft carrier big. Was in the pool so...
( 08/10-2023 )

Disc - Barksdale Afb, Louisiana
At about 9 pm in the summer in South Bossier City I was sitting in the back yard with a neighbor. We were facing east and had a clear view of the sout...
( 08/06-2023 )

Unspecified - Clifford, Pennsylvania
260 church Street the new Roswell. There as many as a hundred men guarding this area sittings start at sun down and last to sun up my phones are taped...
( 08/06-2023 ) - 1 comment

Triangular Object - Alexander, North Carolina
I was traveling hwy. 16 south from Alexander county towards Conover. It was around 9:30 pm when I saw 3 orange lights that formed a triangle in the sk...
( 08/06-2023 )

Triangular Object - Canton, Michigan
Driving east on Michigan ave saw 2 white lights low headed west . As we drove closer we could see a large triangle shaped craft with one bright white ...
( 08/02-2023 ) - 1 comment

Unspecified - Independence, Missouri
Daughter ran in & yelled for me to come outside. She & girl next door. We all ran out & there it was. Right above the trees!!! Huge, round, lights all...
( 08/01-2023 )

Ball Of Light - Caldwell, Idaho
2 of us were floating in our own innertubes in his pool around 2 a.m. and that when I saw it coming. It was a large ball of light, it was so bright t...
( 08/01-2023 )

Row Of Lights - Idyllwild, California
On the evening of 7/11/23 while camping at the thousand trails campground in Idyllwild from 7/10 - 7/14 my wife and I spotted a line of white lights m...
( 07/24-2023 )

Spherical Object - Wylie, Texas
12:30 am I was walking around Stewart's Creek Peninsula in the trails there and I heard like a sudden waterfall sound that started to fade away as soo...
( 07/14-2023 ) - 1 comment

Dark Object - Downey, California
I Saw a dark round object flying(cruising) in the sky perpendicular to the flight path the planes take to land at LAX. I was at the corner of Old Rive...
( 07/12-2023 )

Triangular Object - Plainfield, Indiana
My buddies and I were in a bean field around 1 am between Plainfield and Avon. Beautiful summer night had saw van halen at market square arena earlier...
( 07/12-2023 )

Abduction - Bethel Island, California
Was abducted at almost 4yrs of age. Taken to an underground facility with military personnel when I was found outside my home at 4 am crying my family...
( 07/03-2023 )

Oblong Object - Bluffton, Indiana
My mother took her dog out around 11 pm and saw an object traveling slowly from west to east. She has trees in the yard so she could only watch it for...
( 07/01-2023 )

Circular Object - Trempealeau, Wisconsin
Circular object surrounded by white lights hovering over the south farm area off of highway #35 near Trempealeau!...
( 07/01-2023 )

Unspecified - Brooksville, Florida
In Brooksville, Florida 2014 mid-late November, just outside of Springhill, a UFO was hovering over the two joining gated communities. There were many...
( 06/28-2023 )

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