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Triangular Object - Artemas, Pennsylvania
Three of us spotted a UFO triangle in shape with green and red lights moving so slow it should have fallen out of the sky. Took approximately 25 to 30...
( 06/27-2023 )

Pulsating Light - Bushnell, Florida
I was outside walking my dog when my dog started barking frantically. Some near by animals in my neighborhood also started making noise around this ti...
( 06/25-2023 )

Unspecified - Hornbeak, Tennessee
While fishing at a watershed here named kingdom at night once some people were leaving they asked us if we saw something that they described looked li...
( 06/25-2023 )

Unspecified - Columbus, Ohio
I witnessed two low-flying UFOs that had lights all around them and after the second one was seen, there was a loud bang/crash sound that was bizarre....
( 06/20-2023 )

Unspecified - Portsmouth, Virginia
I was walking home and I noticed something hovering quietly above the trees so I made the turn and ran to my neighbor's house and their whole family s...
( 06/20-2023 )

Unspecified - Lytle Creek, California
Looked like a straight line formation but blue and moving....
( 06/13-2023 )

Craft - Ellenton, Florida
6/10/23 Saw some kind of aircraft darting around in the night sky. Lights would get bright then get dim....
( 06/12-2023 )

Diamond Shaped Object - Springfield, Missouri
Around 10 pm my son noticed weird lights out living room window. He went look out window and hollered for me to come look. A very large craft hovering...
( 06/07-2023 )

Beam Of Light - Bellows Falls, Vermont
My husband and I were driving towards the southbound I91.
We saw a beam of light travel from the ground towards the forest and up into the sky. I c...
( 06/06-2023 )

Oval Object - Front Royal, Virginia
I regularly observe the sky but tonight I saw a dark oval object floating northwest over Front Royal. It was below the clouds and was moving too fast ...
( 06/04-2023 ) - 1 comment

Ball Of Light - Winslow, Maine
I saw five fly over one at a time the first 4 five minutes apart the last one was a couple minutes later. Traveling at a very fast rate. Bright orange...
( 06/04-2023 )

Craft - Duncan, Oklahoma
At 12 pm an flying craft traveled from at a very low altitude over a residential area from west to east. There was no sound emitted from the craft. It...
( 06/04-2023 )

Abduction - Bailey Island, Maine
I was in the Navy and my ship was in the Bath Iron Works undergoing an overhaul, we had rented a studio apartment that was attached to a large ,older,...
( 06/03-2023 )

Disc - Culpeper, Virginia
I was driving home from Culpeper VA. I passed the field that is across from the horse place. I saw a large disc shaped object with many lights on the ...
( 06/03-2023 )

Disc - Clinton, Wisconsin
I am seeing a large object like a disc with many lights. Located on the northwest corner of the town of Clinton Wisconsin. Not making any sound and st...
( 06/03-2023 )

Ball Of Light - Janesville, Wisconsin
Saw an orange glowing ball of light in the northwest part of the sky moving very slowly horizontally. It's movement was not continually steady as it a...
( 05/30-2023 )

Saucer Shaped Object - Grand Rapids, Michigan
11:54am I was driving westbound on 196 and observed a glint in the sky to the south and glanced at it. It was a flat saucer shaped UFO that was a poli...
( 05/26-2023 )

Lights - Crescent City, Florida
Two miles south of Crescent City I lived right on hwy 17. Through the trees in the back of our house there was a bright light that started rising up i...
( 05/26-2023 )

Lights - Gilsum, New Hampshire
Very large craft about 20 individual lights in a straight line lights became bright briefly then faded away as it slowly moved east....
( 05/22-2023 )

Lights - Modesto, California
On mother's day me and my mom saw the lights in sky and we know what they were but no one will believe it. Anyway, we know we're not alone....
( 05/18-2023 )

Unspecified - West Winfield, New York
I was driving on Route 8 at 8:43 pm. I saw a UFO ahead and then stood above me. I felt a rise of temperature while the UFO was hovering over me as I a...
( 05/13-2023 )

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