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Oval Object - Gainesville, Florida
Just the other day I was doing some yard work in my back yard. I looked up and noticed a white colored object hovering in the sky. It was football sha...
( 10/19-2013 )

Lights - Sequoia National Park, California
I took this picture of the mountain scenery at Pear Lake in Sequoia National Park in October 1997. After developing the pictures I noticed the white s...
( 10/18-2013 ) - 3 comments

Lights - Wakefield, Virginia
I had the bad luck of running out of gas a couple of miles outside of Wakefield, Virginia in the spring of 2012. It was almost midnight and not many c...
( 10/18-2013 )

Lights - Sisselton, South Dakota
I spent some time on a farm outside Sisselton, South Dakota in the 1990s and my UFO sighting happened one night in 1995. I was relaxing with a cold on...
( 10/17-2013 )

Oval Object - Sheboygan, Wisconsin
What I will tell you happened to me and a friend in 2002 on Lake Michigan a few miles into the lake east of Sheboygan. We were on a ride with my frien...
( 10/15-2013 )

Aliens - Texas
I've lived all my life in a very small town in Texas. I don't want to tell you where because I don't want to stir up a commotion. There's a big field ...
( 10/14-2013 )

Disc - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I lived in Pittsburgh when I was 11 years old back in 1975. I remember one night I looked out my window and I saw a UFO. It was a disc shaped flying o...
( 10/13-2013 )

Lights - Arkadelphia, Arkansas
I live in Arkadelphia and I saw a UFO once in 2010. It wasn't very dramatic. I was out in the front yard smoking a cigarette because my wife doesn't l...
( 10/12-2013 )

Lights - Springfield, Missouri
In July 1997 I was driving north on highway 65 from Springfield towards Warsaw. It was about 10 in the evening and I noticed a bright light in the sky...
( 10/10-2013 ) - 1 comment

Cigar Shaped Object - Masterton, New Zealand
I was driving north from Wellington towards Masterton and when I was about 10 minutes from Masterton I saw a strange object hovering in the air above ...
( 10/10-2013 )

Disc - Wenatchee National Forest, Washington
On a camping trip to Wenatchee National Forest back in 96 with some buddies we saw a UFO. A disc flying in the sky. We couldn't believe our eyes. It f...
( 10/10-2013 )

Lights - Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky
I went on a solo backcountry camping trip to Daniel Boone National Forest back in 2002. It was low season and I had the whole campground to myself. Th...
( 10/10-2013 )

Landing - Redmond, Oregon
My uncle who lived in Redmond, Oregon always told me of a UFO he saw back in the 1970s. He says he saw a flying vessel that looked like a shoe and it ...
( 10/10-2013 ) - 1 comment

Disc - Osceola, Iowa
September 26th 1992, US 34 about 5 miles east of Osceola, Iowa, about 4 in the morning. My old truck was overheating so I pulled over to check under t...
( 10/10-2013 )

Lights - Jesup, Georgia
When you're living in the woods outside Jesup, Georgia like I was in my youth in the early 1960s you notice every little thing that goes on. And that ...
( 10/08-2013 ) - 3 comments

Aliens - Eagle Bay, New York
Went on a trip to Eagle Bay a few years back and went on a hike up to the top of a hill called Rocky Mountain. About halfway up the hill we bumped int...
( 10/08-2013 )

Disc - Montgomery, Alabama
I grew up on the northern outskirts of Montgomery Alabama and my UFO sighting took place in 1977. I was 8 years old at the time and I was not able to ...
( 10/08-2013 ) - 1 comment

Lights - I-8, Arizona
I was driving on I-8 a few miles after the split from I-10. This was in April of 2007. I don't remember the exact date but it was a little bit after m...
( 10/08-2013 )

Aliens - Lynchburg, Virginia
I grew up on a farm about 20 minutes east of Lynchburg, VA. In 1965 my brother and I were playing in the woods. I was 10 at the time and my brother wa...
( 10/08-2013 ) - 1 comment

Lights - Halls Creek, Australia
My then girlfriend (now wife) and I went on a trip to Australia when we were younger, back in 1997 to be exact. We rented a car and went on a big road...
( 10/08-2013 )

Naruemonia - Naruemonia
Naruemonia is home to an alien base where the majority of UFOs that are seen on Earth are based. The base is located in very hostile terrain in the ce...
( 10/08-2013 ) - 5 comments

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