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Landing - Oxford, Mississippi
I grew up a few miles south of Oxford, Mississippi and this happened to me in 1960 when I was 14 years old. It was the middle of the night and suddenl...
( 10/24-2013 )

Lights - Knoxville, Tennessee
On the outskirts of East Knoxville, near the U.S.A.F.B.I. And D.O.T. of TN, in that region odd ghost or mysterious ''phenomena/paranormal'' lurking ev...
( 10/24-2013 )

Cigar Shaped Object - Beecher, Illinois
In the summer of 1987 my car broke down in the middle of the night on Church Road a couple of miles west of Beecher, Illinois. This was before cell ph...
( 10/23-2013 ) - 1 comment

Disc - Santa Cruz, California
I was camping on Four Mile Beach just north of Santa Cruz with some friends back in 1993. I'm not putting my name down because overnight camping is no...
( 10/22-2013 )

Aliens - Findlay, Ohio
Driving east out of Findlay late night on 224 in May 2007 I saw what was an obvious UFO sighting in the field to the right of the road. Being the curi...
( 10/22-2013 )

Oval Object - Hannibal, Missouri
A nephew of mine lives with his wife and kids in Hannibal, MO. I spent the night at their house while travelling through last year. Their kids are ver...
( 10/22-2013 )

Lights - Columbus, Georgia
On a recent visit to Columbus, Georgia I spoke to some of the locals who said that there have been a lot of UFO sightings on the eastern outskirts of ...
( 10/22-2013 ) - 1 comment

Disc - Rochester, New York
When I lived in Rochester about 30 years ago with my wife we went up to the lake (Lake Ontario) one evening. We saw a bright disc shaped object hover ...
( 10/21-2013 )

Lights - Bend, Oregon
Couple of buddies and I were camping at Deschutes River south of Bend back in 99. One of my buddies woke me up in the middle of the night and told me ...
( 10/20-2013 )

Oval Object - Gainesville, Florida
Just the other day I was doing some yard work in my back yard. I looked up and noticed a white colored object hovering in the sky. It was football sha...
( 10/19-2013 )

Lights - Sequoia National Park, California
I took this picture of the mountain scenery at Pear Lake in Sequoia National Park in October 1997. After developing the pictures I noticed the white s...
( 10/18-2013 ) - 3 comments

Lights - Wakefield, Virginia
I had the bad luck of running out of gas a couple of miles outside of Wakefield, Virginia in the spring of 2012. It was almost midnight and not many c...
( 10/18-2013 )

Lights - Sisselton, South Dakota
I spent some time on a farm outside Sisselton, South Dakota in the 1990s and my UFO sighting happened one night in 1995. I was relaxing with a cold on...
( 10/17-2013 )

Oval Object - Sheboygan, Wisconsin
What I will tell you happened to me and a friend in 2002 on Lake Michigan a few miles into the lake east of Sheboygan. We were on a ride with my frien...
( 10/15-2013 )

Aliens - Texas
I've lived all my life in a very small town in Texas. I don't want to tell you where because I don't want to stir up a commotion. There's a big field ...
( 10/14-2013 )

Disc - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I lived in Pittsburgh when I was 11 years old back in 1975. I remember one night I looked out my window and I saw a UFO. It was a disc shaped flying o...
( 10/13-2013 )

Lights - Arkadelphia, Arkansas
I live in Arkadelphia and I saw a UFO once in 2010. It wasn't very dramatic. I was out in the front yard smoking a cigarette because my wife doesn't l...
( 10/12-2013 )

Lights - Springfield, Missouri
In July 1997 I was driving north on highway 65 from Springfield towards Warsaw. It was about 10 in the evening and I noticed a bright light in the sky...
( 10/10-2013 ) - 1 comment

Cigar Shaped Object - Masterton, New Zealand
I was driving north from Wellington towards Masterton and when I was about 10 minutes from Masterton I saw a strange object hovering in the air above ...
( 10/10-2013 )

Disc - Wenatchee National Forest, Washington
On a camping trip to Wenatchee National Forest back in 96 with some buddies we saw a UFO. A disc flying in the sky. We couldn't believe our eyes. It f...
( 10/10-2013 )

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