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Naruemonia UFO Sightings

Naruemonia, Naruemonia UFO Sighting - To the best of my knowledge this is the best photo evidence of Naruemonia's existence that is available. Naruemonia is clearly visible in the lower le...
08/25-2018 - 10 comments

Naruemonia, Disc UFO Sighting - In 1982 when I was stationed at the west coast base in Naruemonia we would routinely see a very large object land and take off vertically in a restric...
03/11-2015 - 1 comment

Naruemonia, Naruemonia UFO Sighting - Naruemonia is home to an alien base where the majority of UFOs that are seen on Earth are based. The base is located in very hostile terrain in the ce...
10/08-2013 - 5 comments

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