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Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, Circular Object UFO Sighting - I must have been around nine or ten years old, and we lived in Guanajibo homes. To get to town we have to pass about a 2-mile strip where one side is ...

Punta Santiago, Puerto Rico, Object UFO Sighting - First sites around 8:30 pm and for the last 3 hours. There are 2 objects. At first thought they were planes with navigation lights. Spaced possibly 10...

Yauco, Puerto Rico, Round Object UFO Sighting - On June 3rd, 2018 in Puerto Rico it was about 5 pm when my family and I were heading from Guanica to Villarva on the expressway. We had just passed th...

San Juan, Puerto Rico, Water UFO Sighting - One time I was down at the beach and I saw a bright light coming out of the sea. It just emerged from the water and rose straight up until it was comp...
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